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Multi chest rig

Multi chest rig


These multi chest rigs are designed to work as a stand alone chest rig, but can also attach to most backpack straps with a daisy chain via G-hooks or used as a bumbag. Multifunctional items are great and these would be an awesome addition for tramping, hunting, fishing or even work.

The plan is to sell them as just the bag and then you choose what attachments you want separately. At the moment I can do the stand alone chest rig attachment, The G-hook pack attachment and a basic hip belt attachment. So you can get just one type or all three. Could probably work out a shoulder strap sling like attachment aswell. 

They are large enough to fit a range finder and 10x32 binos. My larger 10x42s fit okay but probably not the rangefinder aswell.  There are 2 Heavy duty EPLX600 camo ones, 2 lighter VX15 Hexcam ones and the other 3 are EPX200. 

If they are liked and I get a bit of interest in them I may look at doing a more full on padded standalone chest rig attachment and also padded hip belt attachments. But expect to still use the attachment point the same as on these bags the whole time. What other attachments might people be interested in?

If you're interested in one just get in touch as i am yet to set up payments though the website.

All 7 are currently available.

$135 for the bag and then just $7.50 per attachment type.


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