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  • Whats the lead time?
    Its just me working full time making the packs so it can take some time to make the perfect pack and I don't rush. Currently my lead time is about 15 weeks once I get your order form. I'm trying as hard as I can get bring this time down.
  • Can I come to your workshop to check out a pack?
    Sure thing! It's lonely working by myself all day. You can check out any packs I have ready to go and see what fabrics and colours I have in stock.
  • Are your packs waterproof?
    All the fabrics are highly waterproof but i don't tape the seams (with the exception of Dyneema). Therefore some water may ingress into the pack during periods of extended rain. I would highly recomend used as a pack liner or light weight drybag to protect your important items from becoming wet.
  • How do i measure my back for a backpack?
    All packs are built to your specific torso size and NOT your hight. To find the lenght of your torso you will need to find your C7 vertebrae and your iliac crest/hip shelf and measure the distance between them. Tilt your head forward and feel for the bony bump where the slope of your shoulders meets your neck. This is your C7 vertebra. Next slide your hands down the ribcage to the top of your hip bones (aka the iliac crest). With index fingers pointing forward and thumbs pointing backward, draw an imaginary line between your thumbs. This spot is the bottom of your torso measurement. Stand up straight and have a friend measure the distance between the C7 and the imaginary line between your thumbs. That’s your torso length. Easy right? Frameless packs will measure from the bottom of the pack to where the shoulder straps are sewn in. Packs with a padded hip belt will measure from the center of the hip belt to where the straps are sewn in.
  • Do you have any bags ready to go?
    At the moment I only make a few packs that when i have time and put them on the ready made section. If you want to check out a pack before committing to buying one then you're more then welcome to come by my workshop and try one of my own packs.
  • Whats the load capacity of your packs?
    At the moment I only pre make small items and add them on the ready made bag page on the site. If you want to check out a pack before committing to buying one then you're more then welcome to come by my workshop and try one of my own packs.
  • What do you need to make a frame bag from me?
    It's best to make a cardboard template of your frame and post it to me. That way it will fit perfectly. just make sure to mark any cables, bottle racks, rear mech and mounting point. Also let me know the diameter of the frame so i know how long to make the velcro. If your local feel free to drop by and i can do it for you.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Sure, just let me know your shipping address and i'll work out the cost for you. But be aware sadly shipping from NZ to anywhere is not cheap.
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Every bag i send out has been made by myself and i take every effort to make sure everything is just right. But lightweight gear is inherently more fragile and needs to be taken care of. But if for some reason your bag should have a problem with defects in materials and craftsmanship within the first year i will replace or repair the product free of charge at my discretion. Scuffs, punctures, or tears caused by wear, misuse and accidents are not covered. If you have a repair or warranty question please email.
  • How do I order a pack from you?
    Easy, just down load the custom pack form and email me your completed form. The form can be found under the order tab or if you would like to have a chat about a pack first just give me a call. Once received I will email you a quote and if you are happy a $250 non refundable deposit is required to get you on my waiting list and holds your place in line. Remaining balance due when I am ready to start your pack.
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