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I only use the best materials I can get my hands on.

Ultra 200, 400 and 800 from Challenge sail cloth. (119gsm, 158gsm, 274gms)

Ultra is made of woven UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), the generic name for unbranded Dyneema fiber. Its insanely tough and highly water proof in fact its the lightest and strongest fibers commercially available and is 15x stronger than steel. Ultra 200 is great from light weigh packs, ultra 400 is used for high wear areas or main body's on larger pack and the 800 is total over kill for most applications but I regally use it on the bottom of the larger packs or if you wanted a truly bombproof pack this is the fabric for you.


200 and 400  in Black.

200, 400 and 800 in White

Check out the Challenge site here to learn more about the Ultra fabric

ultra 400 backpack fabric

EPX200 from Challenge sail cloth. (200.1gsm)

This is a recycled laminated fabric with a 200 denier face fabric, 45 degree cross ply and white recycled 70 denier backing fabric. Tough and highly waterproof.

Current colours are bright orange, deep purple, lemon lime, ranger green, silver bullet and tropic teal.

Check out the Challenge site here to learn more about the EPX200 fabric

EPX200 newzealand bikepack and backpack fabric

210D HDPE Gridstop. 

It has a base nylon fabric with 210 denier fibers with an HDPE fiber reinforcement grid to add tear and tensile strength. It has a softer feel and not as stiff as the other fabrics i use making it a great choice for pockets.

Colours Burnt Orange, Charcoal Gray, Dark Olive, Moroccan Blue, Black

gridstop fabric custom made backpack nz

420D ROBIC® At 207g / sqm its not the lightest but its worth the extra grams for its toughness. I use this for the majority of the backpack bottom, backs and strap attachment points. Also good on high wear part on bikepacking gear.

Black only

Robic 420d backpack newzealand

X-Pac VX21, VX15 and V15 are lightweight yet super tough fabrics, ideal for backpacks and bike bags. Stiffer then other pack fabrics it helps the packs retain their shape. Also extremely waterproof.

Xpac backpack

LiteSkin LS21 is light, waterproof and tough. Only comes in gray but it looks very smart.

Liteskin backpack

I use heavy wearing 1000D coated nylon for the contact points on my bike packing gear.

Black only

toptube back nz

All zips and plastic hardware are YKK

custom made shoulder bag nz
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