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Frameless packs

Fabric selection

The standard EPX200 makes a great tough but yet light weight pack. But if you are after an ultra light backpack then you might want to upgrade to the Ultra 200 its a lot lighter and tougher then EPX200. A 35L pack made in Ultra 200 would be about 80g lighter. Its made from UHMWPE (same stuff as Dyneema) and it's the lightest and strongest fibers commercially available, with a tensile strength 15x stronger than steel.


Hipbelt options

The standard hip belt is a simple light weight removable 25mm webbing belt. This can be upgraded for more comfort to a fully padded belt like on my framed pack or a lighter weight sewn in option.  You can  hip belt pockets to the std 25mm or fully padded belts only. 


Top compression upgrade

This adds a strap on each side to clip to the roll top and compress the pack from the top. Its fully removable and help keep the pack neat and small when not fully loaded. These are removable and you can still use the rolltop as a roll and clip onto itself like the std option that's faster. T

custom made alpine climbing ski pack

Pocket options

A mesh front pocket is great for drying wet gear and seeing what you have in there. But if your plan on a lot of bush bashing trips then a solid fabric might be better as the mesh can catch on stuff if not on formed tracks. If your worried about loosing stuff from the front pocket then you can add a G-hook or flat for security. You may also want to upgrade the pocket fabric to the ultra 200 for added abrasion resistance if you are really hard on gear.


Side compression strap options

You can choose between shock cord a with line lock or webbing and clips on the side panels. The shock cord option is the lightest option and good for holding trekking poles but the webbing you can hold things tighter and better if you plan to strap larger items like a tent or roll mat to the side.


Back panel padding

Ultra light frameless packs have no padding in the back panel and relies on how you pack it to for comfort. Most people just slip a cut down foam pad in the pack and put soft items against the back. How ever you can upgrade to 10mm sewn in padding or shockcord on the back panel to attach the pad on the out side.


Custom made frameless ultralight backpack to your size and specification. Have a good think about what you really want in a pack and what you will be using it for and get in touch. We can discuss ideas and make the best pack for your needs. Below are a few things to think about and once you are ready to make an order download and fill in the frameless pack form under the Order tab at the top of the page. The costs are on the form.

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