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55L Alpine Backpack

55L Alpine Backpack


Small batch of 55L Alpine/climbing backpacks ready to go.


Made in UHMWPE Ultra fabric (different brand of Dyneema® or Spectra®) so they are incredably tough and light. Small side pockets for snow stakes ect, Crampon patch, Double pull side straps, front daisy chain with shock cord (colour of your choise), Ice axe loops and shock cord toggles, Top compression down the sides. This can be removed to allow the top to clip on itself, Y-strap over the top. There is also a zip pocket on the inside for stashing smaller items. I plan to make the hip belts as I sell them, That way you can have a hip belt that's the right size for you. You can choose to add hipbelt pockets ($35 each) or gear loops aswell as making the hipbelt forward pull adjustable.


The finished weight for at 200TX should be around 1150g and the 400TX would only be about 40g more and the 800TX version would be getting up to around 1250g. Most of the packs weight come from the webbing, hardwear and foam and that's all the the same. The main difference between the fabric weights other then durability is that the overall pack feel. The 200 is a lot more supple so more compressible and the rolltop is less bulky. The 800 is super burly and stiff giving the pack a lot more structure but is bulky. The 400 is a good middle ground.


Currently have instock.

One small STD

One medum LT

One medum STD

One medum HD

One large HD


Light and standard packs are $725 and made from the Ultra 200TX or 400TX.


HD packs are $740 and made from the ultra 800TX and use aluminum G-hooks on the side straps.


The front pocket in the second photo is an $145 add on.


Back size.

Small size 380-430mm

Medum size 430-480mm

Large 480-530mm


Postage not included.