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Adventure racing packs

Fabric selection

The standard EPX200 makes a great light pack. But for a big adventure race you want the toughest and lightest pack you can get. So upgrading to the ultra weave makes sense. Its made from UHMWPE (same stuff as Dyneema) and it the lightest and strongest fibers commercially available, with a tensile strength 15x stronger than steel. 

best pack for godzone

Hipbelt pockets

Hipbelt pockets are a must have for easy access to energy filled snacks, anti chafe cream, sunscreen ect. They are removable 

water bottle pocket for adventure racing backpack

Top compression upgrade

This adds a strap on each side to clip to the roll top and compress the pack from the top. Its fully removable and help keep larger volume packs neat and small when not fully loaded. These are removable and you can still use the rolltop as a roll and clip onto itself like the std option that's faster.

newzealand made adventure racing backpack

Pocket selection

Go with a solid front pocket instead of mesh so it doesn't catch on everything. If your worried about loosing stuff from the front pocket then you can add a G-hook or flat for security. You may also want to upgrade the pocket fabric to the ultra 200 for added abrasion resistance if you're are really hard on gear.

adventure racing backpack

Shoulder pockets

Water bottle pocket are another add-on that's very popular with racers and are designed to take a 750ml bike water bottle. You can also get a bottle in and out of the side pocket of the pack without taking the pack off if you don't like bottles on your front. I also do a smaller pocket to fit a phone.

750ml water bottle pocket for backpack

Pack size

The pack volume has been very varied from 85L to 27L. Most people end up with 65L to 75L for things like Godzone. But for smaller races where you need less gear a super tough, light frameless pack might be all you need. 

small adventure racing backpack

Custom made backpack to your size and specification. Have a good think about what you really want in a pack and what you will be using it for and get in touch. We can discuss ideas and make the best pack for your needs. Below are a few things to think about and once you are ready to make an order download and fill in the form under the Order tab at the top of the page. The costs are on the form.

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