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Alpine packs

Fabric selection

The standard EPX200 makes a great light pack if you are careful with your gear. But with the high abrasion from skies, iceaxes, crampons and the rocky terrain its a good idea to upgrade to the ultra weave. Its made from UHMWPE (same stuff as Dyneema) and it's the lightest and strongest fibers commercially available, with a tensile strength 15x stronger than steel.

nz made alpine backpack

Hipbelt options

Hipbelts are best to keep with the standard 38mm webbing as the buckle is easy to use with gloves. You can add gear loops or hipbelt pocket for easy access to gear. But the pockets don't fit if you have a loop but you can go with a loop one side and a pocket the other.

hipbelt pocket and gearloop alpine pack

Top compression upgrade

This adds a strap on each side to clip to the roll top and compress the pack from the top. Its fully removable and help keep larger volume packs neat and small when not fully loaded. These are removable and you can still use the rolltop as a roll and clip onto itself like the std option that's faster. This can be a bit annoying if you have skis on the side and want to get in to the pack. 

custom made alpine climbing ski pack

Pocket options

Adding small side pockets for snow stakes, probe or tent poles is a popular choice. You can also swap the front daisy chains for the pocket like the tramping pack. This gives you some where to store your avalanche gear. You can add a G-hook or flat for security. You may also want to upgrade the pocket fabric to the ultra 200 for added abrasion resistance if you're are really hard on gear.

alpine pack with side pockets

Side compression strap options

You can choose to add up to 3 side straps each side. Also you i can make them double pull. this is designed to hold skis tight and stop them moving around. The straps can still be used as a normal compression strap or slide the ski into the loop to make even more secure. 

large big alpine ski pack

Other options

Most of the common pack options are on the order form. But if you are wanting something that's not  please ask and I'll see what i can do. I've done removable avalanche gear pockets, crampon pocket, iceaxe covers, avalanche gear sleeves and more.

avalanche pack for backpack

Custom alpine, ski touring and climbing packs made to your size and specification. Hand made in NZ for the toughest alpine trips in the remote New Zealand back country. We can discuss ideas and make the best pack that's built super tough yet ultra light weight. Below are a few things to think about and once you are ready to make an order download and fill in the form under the Order tab at the top of the page. The costs are on the form.

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