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Time to kill so decided to start a blog.

I've been meaning to include a bit of a blog on my website for a long time. But starting your own business apparently takes every minute you have and more. Who knew.

But A few weeks ago while out hunting I broke my leg. It was such a silly little thing. A loose rock moved and I twisted my ankle wrong and snap, broken fibula. Although we had a Garmin inreach with us we also had phone signal. The recuse helicopter was there within 30min and i was winched up and rushed off to hospital.

I ended up needing surgery to pin and plate the bone so it will heal well. I'm slowly going mad and itching to get back into the workshop and carry on sewing. However, it's still 5 weeks in a cast. This has put my lead times in to disarray so if you are on my job list and are worried your pack won't get done before you need it please get in touch. The only positive to this happening is that its given me a lot of time to think about Southern Lite Packs and how I can improve things.

I plan to use this blog to keep you all up to date with what's going on, what's coming up and maybe a few off my adventure once my leg's working again.

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