Custom Pack Options

Below are a few of the most common options added to custom packs


Forwards pull hipbelt

Easier to tighten then a regular back pull hipbelt however the smaller 25mm buckle can be harder to use if wearing gloves.

Adds $25 to pack price.

Y top strap

The standard pack has a single strap over the top. Most people upgrade to the Y strap as it helps to compress and keep the pack top tidy. Also helps to secure large items on top of the pack.

Adds $15 to pack price


Solid front pocket

Replace the front mesh pocket with a solid Gridstop fabric. The mesh can get caught on branches if using the pack for hunting or on less maintained trails. The down side is you can't see what's inside the pocket and the mesh is great for drying wet gear.

Adds $15 to pack price.

Double pull compression straps

Designed to hold skis tight and stop them moving around. The straps can still be used as a normal compression strap or slide the ski into the loop to make even more secure. 

Adds $15 to pack price.


Top compression straps down the side

The rolltop on the standard pack clips back on itself like a drybag. But the top compression strap clips to the rolltop and compress the pack from the top. Good for larger volume packs that might not be full most of the time. Can get in the way if attaching skis to the side of the pack.

Adds $15 to the pack price.